Zafra 4.19.19

Big news for the brand today!!! Let’s get coffee  is expanding to the far off exotic land of Hoboken, New Jersey. Land of the boss of cakes. 

Lilli is looking to move to Hoboken (but we still love her). As this was her first foray in the apartment hunt, she asked me to accompany her. The place we saw WAS gorgeous. It really is impressive; in Hoboken you can get a backyard, two floors, washer/dryer, wine cellar, bidet, and a bowling alley for only $2 a month. 

After the viewing we found a Cuban restaurant to get coff-LUNCH. It is at this point I must disclose to you that I was legally dead. It had been a demanding week of moving and my body was like, “Sleep you FOOL.” So I ordered soup with Lilli and was very subdued. Her observation was that low energy Ellington is just regular energy everyone. 

But we survived and I promise you I am back to my annoying self! 


I’m absolutely dying in this picture

I’m absolutely dying in this picture

Ellington indulged me this week as we took a field trip to Hoboken, NJ! I recently discovered how lovely and quiet Hoboken is and since then have been searching for a cute apartment. I finally found one that I had to take a look at, but was terrified of being kidnapped and murdered if I went alone, so I made Ellington go.

We met in Greeley Square Park and hopped on the PATH train to Hoboken. When we got the apartment, the realtor was there waiting for us. He brought us up to the apartment and I immediately fell in love with the place. I asked my questions, took some photos, and Ellington kindly stood by supporting me.

We asked the realtor where to get a tasty lunch and he recommended a Cuban place around the corner called Zafra. We sat down outside and ordered a delicious meal!

At one point I went inside the restaurant and when I came back Ellington had his head resting on the table. Now, if you know Ellington, he is always high energy and for the first time ever I was seeing him at a normal human energy level. He had a horrible cold and yet still came out to NJ with me. Ellington is a true and wonderful friend. I love you, El.