Stumptown Coffee Roasters 5.17.19

To quote a wise philosopher, if you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready. So I stayed ready for Tiffany’s as I seamlessly transitioned to the views of the West Village. Actually, in all truth, I wanted to look good because this was Brendan’s last day of Grad School responsibilities and we were going out to celebrate in the evening. What? A girl can’t be practical.

Lilli and I caught up from the past week. Since last meeting, I had experienced the Camp exhibit at the MET which IS great and very enjoyable. But what I found the most shocking is that there is exhibit of Abstract Expressionism right next door with the most iconic moments in modern art; Flavin, Pollock, even Rothko! And YET; While there was a line all the way into nineteenth century American romanticism just get into the Camp exhibit, the activity around the Abstract Expressionism was about as active as…well, one of Rothko’s paintings.

WOW that was a labored sentence to get one art history joke in. I’m not even entirely sure I punctuated it properly. If you’re into that thing, plz help.

That was a tangent. The pocket of time which I spent with Lilli occurred miraculously during the only point in the day when it wasn’t raining. Which I think is a testament to how much sunlight is contained within Lilli.


I was dressed for TIFFANY’S baby

I was dressed for TIFFANY’S baby

There was a bit of confusion this week. Ellington and I had planned on meeting at Tiffanys to have breakfast at Tiffanys, however, I forgot I had a dance class and would not have enough time to go home and shower and come back to meet Ellington before work that evening. I refuse to visit Tiffanys while looking sweaty and disgusting. So, we met at Astor Place to scope out a new spot.

We ended up walking to Greenwich Village to Stumptown Coffee Roasters. It had stopped raining just in time for us to enjoy our drinks outside. Ellington showed me a screenplay he's been working on and it is so lovely!

We continued our date by shopping in the best Goodwill, according to El. Then we checked out a couple of vintage shops that were way out of our price range. It's always fun to look though.