Molly’s Cupcakes 3.21.19

March 21st was a rainy day across all five boroughs. It’s my favorite kind of weather which doesn’t make sense because when it rains in New York I am always wearing the wrong shoes. 

Lilli and I were looking for a spot in the west village because she had a shift in midtown immediately after our coffee date. The obvious choice was Molly’s Cupcakes. Fun fact! Molly’s Cupcakes was the first place I saw Lilli when I moved to New York. 

Molly’s Cupcakes had all of its charm in tact. But even better, they still had pumpkin spice to add to your coffee! I’m a slut for pumpkin spice every day of the year and ordered without hesitation. 

Lilli and mine’s conversation was fast paced. She had had a busy week of auditioning and I had just hosted the most emotionally demanding comedy show of my life. The contrast between our stories was stark; Lilli had a magical elevator ascent into a dream casting office. At my show, which is at a dog friendly cafe, a pit bull had relieved themself on the seats ten minutes before we were supposed to start. Tale as old as time. 



This week Ellington and I met in the subway station at W4 Street and were able to track one another down after hearing the same talented drummer. Not knowing which coffee shop to attend, we travelled towards the smaller side streets and landed on Molly's Cupcakes, which we had sat down in about a year ago.

Molly's Cupcakes has chained swings in their shop, which are a lot of fun to sit on even though you can't swing very much. Ellington and I caught up about life and how he and Brendan had finally found a great new apartment! Yay! I treated myself to a mini cupcake for having a very successful audition that created lots of stress.

Unfortunately, we had to keep our meeting short because I had to head to work. Ellington and I took the subway together towards work, but made sure we took a pit stop at St. Kilda's because we had forgotten to take our photo for the previous week. Where will we go next week??