Modern Bread and Bagel 5.10.19

Modern Bread and Bagel is a hateful establishment. My hyperbole is necessitated by the fact this place so boldly offers any bagel with cream cheese for the price of $5 on their sign board. HOWEVER, when I proceeded to checkout (as you do) I was charged $10.57 !!! Did Pythagoras die for such a desecration of math?

Lilli arrived after my strife. She was more in love with the city than when we last spoke, which I was happy to hear! I am such a fan of Lilli, it bogs me to hear whenever New York is being mean. In fact, we were so in love with the city we decided to move the coffee date away from the third circle of hell (modern bread and bagel) and into Central Park!

I throw shade at Central Park because my park in Brooklyn is so much better. However, as Lilli and I approached the ramble, we did appreciate the expanse of a park that is synonymous with the New York experience.



Ellington and I met at one of my new favorite spots this week. Modern Bread and Bagel! I stumbled upon it one morning when I needed breakfast before a hair appointment. I walked in hoping they'd have something gluten free and it turns out the whole restaurant is gluten free!! So exciting! They have some delicious bagels and treats.

It was very busy when I got there. I ordered my bagel and tea and sat with El. He was very upset that he was charged more for an everything bagel. Everything bagels are at the top of the bagel food chain! However, I do agree that it was a bit expensive. If you're a poppy seed lover like me, then you don't have to worry about the extra charge. Ellington told me about some wonderful writing he's been working on. I told him about my thrilling audition life.

When it got far too crowded for us to enjoy our time together, we decided to leave and walk through Central Park. It was the perfect day to walk through park because the temperature was in the high 60s and sunny. Our meeting this week was the best way to start the morning.