Milk Bar 3.28.19

It was my idea to have us go to Milk Bar in the East Village. It was that kind of March weather that doesn’t invite you to spend your day outside but nevertheless will provide for those who’d like to.  So I chose Milk Bar because there’s no seating and there are many corners in the East Village that I love to explore. I also was specifically craving a Crack Pie latte. 

We drifted through the avenues to settle at my favorite community garden, on 6th between B & C. I told Lilli about a show I had on Tuesday that I was convinced I was going to bomb. On the lineup, I was sandwiched between a comic who had been on Fallon and a comic who had been on Colbert. But my mantra for those situations is just to remind myself, “You do this now. You said you were going to do it, so don’t stop doing it.” 

Lilli had had a pleasant week, she informed me as I walked her to one of the coolest stores in the city; Tokio 7. Tokio 7 is a consignment store that features Moschino Couture for purchase among many other things. It has to be seen to be believed. Lilli found many dresses she fell in love with; it reminded me of the times we’d gone shopping in Santa Barbera a few years ago. I will close with a sentence describing that time, a sentence that is so sad and dated that it can only be true: The last time Lilli and I were in Santa Barbara, we spent an hour discussing who we were right for in A Chorus Line in an American Apparel. 



Ellington chose our exciting spot this week... MILK BAR! Sadly, they have nothing gluten free, so I spiced up my tea game with something fruity and flavorful. We took a lovely walk around the East Village and Ellington showed me some of his favorite spots.

It was a beautiful day, lots of sun and it was starting to get warm. Well, warm for New York in March. Our first stop was a community garden. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We sat there for a while and caught up. We both had some stresses we needed to get off our chest, but also some celebrations. Ya know, balance.

After that, Ellington took me to one of his favorite vintage spots. The clothes were to die for, but sadly we are both poor, so we browsed and then parted from the fashion icons we could have been. This was one of my favorite meetings. I have a new love for the East Village. Thanks El!