NYPL-Library of the Performing Arts 5.2.19

The Library of the Performing Arts in Lincoln Center is my sanctuary. Much in the same way oxygen is needed for trees, I need that library. WhenEVER I am on the Upper West Side, that library is there to let me use their bathroom. I have begun many an unfinished writing project in the study area. Before I even lived in the city, I would make it to the library, after walking through the De Stijl plaza. If ever I feel unimportant, I go to this library.

So imagine my shock when Lilli told me she had never been there before! Especially when there’s a café on the second floor! The sojourn was required.

After our tour, we sat outside in the arbor and caught up. Lilli told me about Maine and her family. I told Lilli of my and Brendan’s housewarming party. The party was RAUCOUS in that two guests disappeared into the bathroom for over twenty minutes. I feel like when that happens, you know you’ve achieved some level of Russell Brand. Sidebar: Are we still referencing Russell Brand?

Finally, Lilli and I stopped in a Lulu Lemon to window shop. Lilli asked my opinion on a bag and I told her it’d be great for the next time she’s on the moon. Hashtag FRIENDSHIP!



Ellington played tour guide today for me at the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center. I've been meaning to go there since I moved to New York, but auditions, work, and life happen. I felt very prepared for this exciting adventure with my fresh haircut. 

We walked into the library and they had some great photos and props on display from past productions. He told me where to find the best books, but the most important stop was the floor where you can watch Broadway shows. Security is intense up there! They are not playing around with those Broadway archives.

We stopped at the little cafe cart in the library before sitting outside to catch up on our recent adventures. Ellington told me about his marvelous house warming party. I was so sad to miss it, but I know I'll be there soon with wine and a good time. We talked about his new job and how it's quite similar to Princeton high end restaurants, not always a good thing from a server's perspective. I had no idea how crazy the politics can be in that kind of setting. I talked to Ellington about some important life and career decisions I'd been pondering.

Life is intense, which is why it's important to have great friends to get coffee with once a week.