Financier Patisserie 4.11.19

I do this thing where I know exactly where it is I want to go to in the city but I have no idea what the place is called or its address. Y’know, the things you need when you’re trying to coordinate with someone. I stopped into this lovely café a year ago on a whim to meet a friend who was babysitting a child near Hanover Square. In 2019, I just remembered it was near Hanover Square. So I’m sure Lilli had very little faith in me when I told her “Shoot for Hanover Square and hopefully I’ll have found it by the time you get there.” Fortunately it all worked out and this terrible habit will continue!

Financier is absolutely adorable! What I find so interesting about FiDi is that it is touristy but there are pockets that are seemingly immune. This place is one of them! Nothing much but a few stray tourists who are clearly thankful for the outlets and accessible wifi, old women that I aspire to be, and picaresque cakes that look delicious but laughably small.

Lilli told me of the things she has often had to say to straight men with fragile egos (a species which saturates show business) and I felt sorry for women everywhere. It was only fitting, then, on our walk back to the subway we were to run into the statue of the little girl. No, not that statue of the little girl. No, not the other statue of another little girl, that one’s wearing a tutu. Yes, yes. THAT statue of the little girl.




Today Ellington and I met at the Financier in the, wait for it... Financial District! When I walked into the cafe, my day was immediately brightened. It was gloomy outside and I had been inside all day taking care of my very sick boyfriend, but this cafe had so much light and happy colors! We sat at a very cute table just close enough to the counter where you could see the perfectly displayed desserts. Oh, they were tempting, but today was a tea only day.

Ellington caught me up on his creative adventures of the week and I informed him of mine. Unfortunately, it was a very short meeting, but there was excitement en route to the subway! We came across the Fearless Girl statue! I am embarrassed to say I had not seen her and all her glory yet, so I made Ellington take a photo of me and the statue once the parade of 5 year old girls took their photos. Ellington had a great time pointing that out. Anyway, check out the uplifting and dessert enchanting Financier!