DUB Pies 4.24.19

People, I present to you an Odyssey! Not included in this segment is Lilli’s brave sojourn from Harlem to my place in Park Slope. I know what you’re thinking, “You Monster! It’d be quicker to fly to Dallas, Tx.” I had just moved in and was excited for her to see the dig! Later in the week, Brendan and I will be throwing a housewarming party which will be so fun and loaded with snacks from Brendan and I’s fav food spot: Vedge.

I digress. Lilli came and I showed her my favorite spots in the park. The Audobon Center with its gilded age fantasy. The Lefrak area where the lake is gorgeous. Really, I have no jokes here. Simply blank verse in praise of Prospect Park. I mean, there were turtles bathing in sunlight even. I could go into more detail about Lilli’s experience of the park but I’ll just let you read her entry.

We then walked over to DUB Pies, a meat pie shop down the street from my place! And it was fun! As it always is when you show people something you like, it was so fun to bring Lilli to my neighborhood and see her enjoy it.

I then took her back to my apartment and we chilled on a $1300 couch that Brendan scammed from a startup and got for FREE. Okay, I’ll STOP bragging.



This week Ellington and I met at his apartment to go for a run in the park. I don't know what possessed me to suggest this idea, but I did and we ran. Ellington and Brendan's new apartment is beautiful and welcoming. You can look right out the window at Prospect Park, which is such a treat in this city.

He took me down his usual path to a lovely spot that helps you get away from the city and it's unwanted smells. I was nervous to go running with El because it's not my favorite, but I have gotten better over the years. We ran our first section and as we slowed down I began to feel like I was dying. For some reason, my uterus decided to reject my exercise due to it being that time of the month. Thank goodness for El and his patience, he was so supportive and stood by my side as it felt like I was being stabbed in my uterus. He distracted me talking about his new job and how the transition was going. Ellington is one of the hardest workers I know and has had some pretty shitty jobs. He deserves a good break with all his talent and discipline.

Once the pain subsided, we walked through the park on our way to our second destination, DUB Pies. This pie shop is small and awesome! They have a large selection of meat pies that make your mouth water. Ellington and I each had a breakfast pie with eggs and bacon. So delicious! I highly recommend visiting their shop. But guys, seriously, two weeks in a row of El being the real MVP!!!