Café Lalo 4.4.19

I arrived to Cafe Lalo super early, my sketch group had finished filming ahead of schedule. Which is to say I arrived before Lilli. I made sure I told the server that someone was coming. Not because it was important to me that he knew, but Cafe Lalo being a romcom destination, I wanted to cultivate this atmosphere that I was some sort of tragic Meg Ryan. 

The topic of conversation was lively. I was riding high being in the middle of a week of standup shows that all showcased my songwriting! I showed off to Lilli a pseudo-80s rock anthem I had been commissioned to write for a GLOW recap show. I include all of these details because, in talking about theme songs, Lilli committed the verbal atrocity of telling me that she had never heard the theme song to THE NANNY!!! I wanted to kick her out in one of those…crushing scenes.

Lilli and I flirted with the idea of a cross country road trip to California. The server told us about his side hustle at Sunglass Hut. All topic of conversation pointed to our status as plebeians. Which is highly ironic because at Cafe Lalo, a croissant is roughly seventy five dollars before tax.

I could rag on Cafe Lalo some more. However, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t wonderful.



Imagine... A handsome man in a sports jacket sitting at a cafe table with one, singular red rose and a copy of Pride and Prejudice. In comes a girl ready to find her match. She takes a quick glance around the room and finds her best friend, but that butthead doesn't have the red rose or the book to help her live out her "You've Got Mail" fantasies. RUDE! Although, Ellington does look quite handsome in his sport jacket.

Today we met at Cafe Lalo, the famous cafe on the Upper West Side known for its cameo in "You've Got Mail." It is one of my favorite spots because the ambiance is lovely, but they also have delicious pies and cheesecake. Ellington and I filled each other in on our lives and how crazy and busy they are. I learned that El has a talent for theme songs, therefore I told him I must have my own.

After leaving the cafe, we walked towards Central Park together admiring The Museum of Natural History. We talked about Broadway stars we wish we were as lucky as and Ellington told me about some more fun projects he is working on. Where will we go next week? Any recommendations?